My Heart Laid Bare

My blog’s going through a slow revamp in terms of both appearance and content. It’s also got a new name: Mon Coeur Mis a Nu, French for ‘My Heart Laid Bare,’ a phrase I borrowed from Charles Baudelaire, because it’s a beautiful and apt phrase for what I intend to use my blog for, and … Continue reading


Interview: Carlo Vergara

For the second installment in my interview series, I am fortunate to have Visconde Carlo Vergara, one of the country’s most talented writer/ illustrators and author of One Night in Purgatory and Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the latter one of my favorite graphic novels. Just just Filipino graphic novels, graphic novels, period. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is … Continue reading


Seaside Story

A Visit to the Seaside The boy stumbled over the body of a mermaid, long dead. The sea had tangled seaweed onto her hair and body.The crabs had picked at her skin and the gulls, her eyeballs. She stank like meat and fish left too long in the sun. She was the loveliest thing he … Continue reading