Carlo Vergara is Leaving Comics and It’s All Our Fault

      Award-winning graphic novelist and playwright Visconde Carlo Vergara announced today that he’s leaving his beloved medium, comics, for monetary reasons. In short, making comics isn’t enough to live on. He writes: “Yesterday, I met with the organizers of Komikon, and during that meeting we talked about the challenges that local comic book…

Ilawod: How a horror film happened

Over the next few days, I will be writing more about how the movie got made. Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer, and don’t forget to watch Ilawod when it opens in theaters nationwide on January 18, 2017.

How I work from anywhere

Part of what attracted me to freelance life is being able to work anywhere. This is something that I take advantage of as often as I can, thanks to technology.

My Heart Laid Bare

My blog’s going through a slow revamp in terms of both appearance and content. It’s also got a new name: Mon Coeur Mis a Nu, French for ‘My Heart Laid Bare,’ a phrase I borrowed from Charles Baudelaire, because it’s a beautiful and apt phrase for what I intend to use my blog for, and…

Why Creativity Shouldn’t Be Cheap

Haggling for creative services such as writing, photography, and graphic design is detrimental to both client and supplier. Here’s why.