I am NOT Connected to Metro Post

I should have done this earlier. Just in case anyone approaches you and uses my name in connection with the free magazine Metro Post, you should know that I’m not connected with that publication anymore. I haven’t worked with the publisher since the first issue. Just making it clear.

Carnation and Appetite North Luzon food trip

As published in my GMA column: The next day, we were treated to a Manor breakfast. This was your typical hotel breakfast, a buffet with everything from bacon and eggs to pancakes and waffles to breakfast congee with different toppings, all kinds of cereal, and champorado. I gravitated towards the fresh yogurt, which I had…

On the phone with Cirio Santiago

I did a short phone interview with director Cirio Santiago today (I wasn’t able to catch him at the photoshoot, where I interviewed director Eddie Romero) for Rogue. It’s amazing how, in just a five minute conversation with this man, I learned more about the Philippines during the American era than I did in four…

“Lao Peh” — A short story about my father

I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up writing a whole story from scratch. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, and I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished a piece in one sitting before. It’s set last year and basically, the premise is that I get a phone call from my dead father….

Exploring Quiapo with friends

I got to explore¬†Quiapo today. Andrea and I met at the LRT 2 station and together, we made our way to Plaza Miranda where we met up with Geronimo. I had to dress down for the trip–a long sleeved shirt, loose jogging pants, my ratty yet reliable flip flops, and no make-up. Very comfy. Our…