When You or Someone You Know is Struggling with Depression

It’s hard for someone going through depression to open up to people. There’s a fear of being judged, a fear of being a nuisance–so many reasons to make it feel better to just go at it alone. So when someone does open up to you, know that it took a great deal of courage for […]

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What do you do when the police stop you from filming them?

I was invited to the Peace and Order Forum hosted by the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. in cooperation with the Movement for Restoration of Peace and Order, the National Capital Region Police Office, and the Manila Police District. One of the panelists was NCRPO director Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde, who […]

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Egg drop soup: How I found my way into the kitchen

In the Philippines, when a child is said to have been ‘left alone in the kitchen,’ it means that they’ve raided the fridge and haven’t stopped eating since. In my case, it meant teaching myself to cook. Even though I’ve since taken cooking lessons, I still find it hard to follow a recipe and am […]

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