Sourdough from a farmer friend

A friend sent me sourdough from one of their clients a couple of weeks ago. It is the best sourdough I’ve had so far. It’s got a lot of tang and has the right ratio of density and airiness. It goes well with butter with a little salt sprinkled on top, but can really be eaten as is. To be fair, I haven’t tried all of the sourdough in the metro, so anyone who wants to contest this very personal opinion is free to send me samples. 😀

I’d always wanted to meet the sender even before we became friends. Their story is inspiring: they left a high-paying job overseas to farm on rocky land, and now own a thriving farm. It’s a crazy thing to do in your 20s, and even crazier that they did it before farming became a thing.

So I’ve always wanted to meet them, and am happy that we’ve become friends because care packages aside (they also sent me vegetables once when I was sick and unable to leave the house), they do not only have a passion for agriculture, but they’re also in it to help the community. They do this by paying their farmers liveable wages, for starters (something that you’d think should go unsaid but, *gestures wildly at the current state of agriculture*). They’re also trying to promote indigenous crops, which is important not only because they’re easier to grow, but also this is part of decolonisation, which is another topic altogether.

It always bears repeating: I’m grateful for my friends, whether or not they appear on my Instagram feed. It’s a tough time for everyone and we’ve been trying to support each other through messages, phone and video calls, and yes, care packages. Not everything can appear on social media but I am grateful for every connection and interaction.

As I’ve mentioned before, I treat my Instagram feed as a diary, and I want to look back on bad days, see posts like this, and be able to tell my inner critic, “You’re wrong.”

True, we have to learn to move in life without the approval of others, but whether we like it or not, having the support of even just one person makes the journey easier and more fun.


Yvette Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and a lifestyle writer for major local and international titles.