Manifestation or coincidence? Whatever it is, I’m thankful

Got a cake a couple of weeks ago. A whole cake! After weeks of craving for a slice of good cake, any cake, someone sends me a whole cake made with mangoes brought straight from farmers in Bataan.

I met the senders when I was a food writer, and have always admired how they’ve placed importance on sustainability decades (DECADES!) before it was cool. I’ve looked up to them since I found this out in the early aughts because I’d always been interested in sustainability, even when there was no word for it yet. I continue to look up to them now.

The cake was, as always, delicious. I obviously could not finish a whole cake by myself (okay, maybe I can, shh!) so I shared it with some of my landlord’s employees, and had snacks for many days after.

Some people call it manifestation, when you want something and it suddenly appears. It’s what the book The Secret is based on. The basic principle is that if you want something, think about it with emotion, then let it go. At some point, you’ll get what you asked for. Could be coincidence, but that’s what happened to me with kesong puti, pan de sal, sourdough, and now cake (and cereal too actually, which this cake coincidentally also checks off). Stuff that I’d been craving, then forgotten, then surprised to get.

If these are all coincidences, I’m very thankful for them. If these are manifestations, I should learn to manifest more than just food! Whatever they are, I’m eternally grateful to the people that sent them. More than the food, it’s the thought and kindness behind them that’s overwhelming, especially during a time like this. Thank you, everyone, for making my days a little bit more colourful and fun.


Yvette Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and a lifestyle writer for major local and international titles.