Good mornings c/o coffee from a friend

A friend messaged out of the blue a few weeks ago saying that they would send me coffee. When I asked why, they said, “because even if there’s lockdown we still have deadlines.”

They sent me this pack of local coffee that they got at a trade fair. There are no markings that say where it’s from, but it’s good, and it gets me up in the morning. I’ve been using a French press but recently acquired a dripper, which has allowed me to enjoy the buttery scent of a pour over dark roast that follows me even to my dreams.

I don’t know what type of bean it is or what area it’s from, but I’m always happy every time I come across good local coffee. I also don’t know why my friend would send me coffee out of the blue, but I’m very happy they did!

Thank you, friend, for sending me writing fuel. I owe many good mornings to that little brown bag of black gold.

I’m hoping that the local coffee industry further grows. We’ve got great soil, great beans, great farmers, and great roasters. Coffee is the second most-traded commodity in the world, and demand for it keeps growing. There’s a whole market out there for Philippine coffee to conquer, and I’m excited for the day when this comes to pass.


Yvette Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and a lifestyle writer for major local and international titles.