What’s in my travel esoteric kit

This is the esoteric kit I have with me a lot of the time. It consists of a mini tarot deck, some candles, a lighter, a stick of palosanto (which is apparently endangered so I’ll be changing this), a quartz crystal, and a vial of rock salt. Not in the photo a recent addition, a small metal disc that can hold incense or candles while they burn.

While I can read cards, I use the kit to keep anxiety at bay more than for actual divination. And I’m anxious a lot. A lot. The cards help me see the big picture and figure out my next steps. I can do this for other people, too. I’ve been told that my readings are spot on.

The rest are used for grounding and psychic hygiene. The candles are so I have a steady flame to burn the palosanto with while providing a suitably mystical atmosphere. The crystal functions like an energetic whiteboard eraser, and the salt is there just in case energy needs cleansing or more importantly, if food needs salting.

Whether divination is real or not is beside the point. I carry this around because they are tools I use when I need to be calm, and it’s helped me greatly. They give me something to do to centre my mind in the present and help stay me on track instead of freaking myself out worrying about worst case scenarios. Plus, they come in handy just in case anyone wants a reading.


Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.