The joy of eating a mango in season

My space is suffused with the scent of mango.

I bought two during my last grocery trip, both at different stages of ripeness.

The first one, I had peeled and frozen so I could use it to top my yogurt.

I had been waiting for the second one to ripen so I could do the same, and also so I could put some of it in my homemade salsa. Now the time has come.

Who doesn’t love mangoes? They’re sweet and fragrant. Eating them can be an adventure, sticky juices dripping down your hands as you peel back soft, yellow skin, its aroma hitting you as you bite into its yielding flesh.

It’s amazing how one mango is enough to cover a small space with its perfume. I’m going to miss waking up to the scent of mango, but I know that if I don’t chop up this mango now, it’s going to over ripen and that sweet smell is going to turn sour soon after.

Fleeting impermanence is both the challenge and joy in buying fresh produce, especially when it’s in season. There’s that small window of time when it looks and tastes perfect. The best way to give thanks for such a blessing is to enjoy it.


Yvette Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and a lifestyle writer for major local and international titles.