A tarot reading on making (and keeping) money and boosting savings

I was feeling a bit fragile, so I tried to read about personal finance.

Instead of telling me about myself, the cards gave me step-by-step instructions that read like a financial self-help article. Nothing we don’t know, but a good reminder nonetheless. I was so amused I thought I’d share it with you:

Page of Pentacles

Live within your means. After you’re done panicking about your finances, sit down and examine exactly how much you have to work with. Account for every penny you have at the moment, and how much you’re making on a regular basis. List all your essential expenses, figure out a budget, and try your best not to exceed it.

Four of Cups

Stop daydreaming! List all your available resources and how you can tap them for opportunities.

Seven of Swords

Solve other people’s problems. A good way to find a money-making opportunity is to find a problem and solve it. If you’re the only person or one of the few who can solve a particular problem, you’ll be indispensable.

The Star

Be good at what you do. Don’t be mediocre. Don’t do things half-baked. Always deliver top quality work so people will always keep asking for you.

Seven of Wands

Embrace challenges. Don’t worry if this leads to more challenges with what you’re doing. Challenges means you’re growing! Focus on honing your skills or finding the proper resources so that you overcome them.

Five of Swords

Don’t settle. If you keep honing your skills, soon you’ll have the tools needed to overcome most, if no all challenges that come your way. Obstacles may be a constant in life, but with he proper mindset, improvement can be as well.


Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.