True Weird: Albatross’ Encounters with the Unknown

A friend who we’ll call Albatross was nice enough to share their run-ins with strange phenomena. Albatross is no-nonsense, the last person you’d think had stories about the true weird. It was a surprise and a delight to discover that they had stories that they wanted to share.

What got you interested in the supernatural?

This question is a little bit difficult to answer for me. I can’t really say if I would have been interested in it had I not had certain experiences which I felt were supernatural or paranormal in nature.When I was a kid I would occasionally read about ghosts and/or UFO’s, but it wasn’t really until I had my first supernatural experience that a fearful interest emerged. Honestly, I wish that I had no experiences because it would make daily living much easier for me.

What explanation do you have for your experiences, if any?

I cannot really explain the reason for these experiences. Most of them happened during times I did not expect, and one of my most vivid experiences happened after a moment where I had intended to “make contact” with other beings.

It is easy for me to accept that these things happened for reasons that are beyond my ability to comprehend. I just try to keep my mind open about my experiences and also stay 100% truthful when I tell people about them.

Unfortunately, people like to judge others who have experienced these things… which is why I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Story One: The woman near the hotel bathroom
We were staying at a famous hotel in Baguio. I was with my then girlfriend (now wife) around the year 2009 or 2010. It was around 10 pm. We were having an argument about something. Failing to come to a resolution, she decided she would just go to sleep. I then decided to take a shower.

While in the shower, I felt uneasy. I had this feeling that someone was watching me. I looked out of the shower area and saw that nobody was there, but by this stage in my life I kinda knew what it was. I decided to shower in a hurry, constantly looking around to make sure I was alone–and I was.

After drying up and hurrying out of the bathroom, I turned on the TV to a news channel and went to sleep.

After what seemed to be a very short nap, I woke up–in a fetal position in bed. I had left a lamp on, and as I stared at the wall still in the same position, a sudden jolt of fear shot through me. It felt the same as when I was in the bathroom, as if I was being examined or observed by something I was unaware of.

I sat up and look at the corridor heading to the bathroom–and there I saw her. It was a bloated woman, kinda standing there between me and the bathroom. She seemed to really be standing there and was accompanied by heightened feelings of dread. One detail about her that I remember is that I could not see her feet and the top of her head–they were just inexplicably invisible–but everything from her nose to her knees was just right there, right in front of me.

I was literally petrified and unable to move for a few seconds and it engaged me in a deep stare that I could not remove my focus from, until she vanished in thin air.

By then I was profusely sweating, despite the cold night air. I looked at the clock and it read midnight, so I had barely gotten any sleep in.
I jumped under the covers and stayed awake until morning. I woke up my wife several times just to make sure I was there with somebody conscious of what was happening, but of course she saw nothing and just asked me to go to sleep to forget about it.

Until this day I remember it exactly as it happened.

Story Two: Goodness gracious great ball of what the heck was that

We were in my family’s resthouse in La Union, which is located right next to the sea. I had friends over from Manila who were taking a brief respite from the fast paced city life, drinking a few beers and eating fresh seafood on a wide veranda overlooking the coast.

It was night time, and as usual, a long string of visible lights stretched out over the sea’s horizon. Those lights came from tiny lanterns placed on the bangkas of fishermen out fishing at sea–quite a beautiful sight.

One of my friends and I were just talking and admiring the view, when we both noticed this light that was well above the other lights on the horizon. It was a blinding rendition of the color white, the whitest thing I have ever seen in my life, which contrasted with the dull yellow/orange illuminating from the fishermen.

This white ball grew slowly, as if flying towards us from its location. Then, suddenly this light moved to the right, dipped downward, recovered, then zapped up into space in blinding speed. It had performed its maneuver well above the fishermen’s lights, and left me and my friend absolutely flabbergasted.

Story Three: Move along; nothing to see here

The day after the white ball of light experience, my friends left and headed back to Manila. We said our goodbyes and finished what was a great weekend of fun and rest (and a UFO).

That night, my wife was cooking dinner… I was sitting out on the bridge leading to the same veranda where we saw the white ball of light. I was thinking about what we had seen the night before, and I was absolutely perplexed about it.

I remembered I had watched or read somewhere that meditation or something similar to prayer (where one says something and sends it out to the heaven or universe) was a way of being able to communicate with extra terrestrial beings. I thought it was a funny and somewhat absurd idea, but just as I was thinking that, I saw a white ball of light again.

This time, it was swimming its way through the sky, weaving on a controlled flight path that seemed to avoid passing through the stars from my point of view. I found it extremely odd and figured I would give it a try.
I “sent” a message to it, by closing my eyes and thinking “Did I really witness something last night? Were we meant to see you? What are you? What are you doing here?”
In the middle of this exercise, my wife exclaimed that dinner had been served… and so I chuckled at myself for being silly and walked inside. I had dinner, took a shower, then went to bed.

The moment I closed my eyes in bed, it was as if I woke up in another dimension–and for some reason I was standing on the veranda where the sighting happened the night before. Except this time, there was a glow coming from the ocean, which grew brighter and brighter for a few seconds.

Suddenly, from the glowing section of ocean, a disc surfaced from the water and hovered upwards slowly. It was giving off this bright purple and blue gleam. Then it flew off towards the right.

I looked back down into the glow and now there was a magnificent structure underneathe the ocean that I could see. It had what seemed to be glass panels and a brilliant golden framework that I will never forget.

In the blink of an eye, I was inside the structure. I noticed a “man” to my right, but for some reason I could not turn my head to look in his direction. All I could do was kind of notice he was there in my periphery. Instead, there was a small triangle in front of me, which seemed to control where I was looking. Wherever it would move, my head would follow. For some reason, my mind perceived the triangle to be a ‘dog” or “pet” of whatever being was standing next to me. I could not take my eyes off of it.

Then suddenly I received communication directly into my mind. As if the man beside me told me something, or got me to know what he wanted to tell me, without uttering a single word. I can only phrase in our own language what I felt he was saying, since there was no actual verbatim:

“You witnessed one of our activities. Do not worry, it is none of your concern nor is it any of your business. You may not interfere, and there is nothing you can do… but know that we are out here, and we are here to help.”

Once I understood that message… I woke up in my bed in a somewhat violent manner. I thought, “WOW What a dream!”… but when I got up, I noticed I was soaking wet, as if I just emerged from a swim. I checked my bed and only my side of the bed was severely drenched in water.

That’s when I realized the possibility that what I experienced may have been the real thing. I was only told by my best friend, after I told the story to him, that a lot of what I said has also been said by other people who claim to have been “abducted” or who have had an encounter with UFOs or extra terrestrials.


Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.

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