Lori Baltazar Interview in Fully Booked (and what we ate during the interview)

Food writer and blogger Lori Baltazar on the cover of Fully Booked Zine.

I got to interview Lori Baltazar of dessertcomesfirst.com for Fully Booked Zine. Lori is one of Manila’s first, and most respected food bloggers, and is also a friend. And because we both like food, it was decided that the interview be conducted in a place that served a lot of it.

Lori let me pick, so I chose Paris Delice along Makati Avenue because I had read about it in her blog and had always wanted to try it but never really got the chance.

I was deathly afraid of being late because of traffic, so I made sure to get there early. It was a rainy Friday afternoon, and I had just come from a tiring day of work. Friday rush + rain + work are good enough reasons to order soup.


The soup is self-serve, which means that after you pay, you make your way to the electric tureen full of cream soup that sits beside the drinks refrigerator. Self-serve is always fun for me because it lets me interact with my food more. I forget what the soup was (the interview was a long time ago, and I was too busy readying myself for the interview and conducting the interview itself to take notes on the food), but I remember that it was creamy and comforting. It wasn’t hot enough for me, but then my ancestors come from Fujian, where soups and hot drinks are served at a temperature that can be described as almost volcanic. And though I didn’t eat generous the piece of baguette it was served with, it was a comfort to know that it was there, just in case I needed it to fill my belly.

I was about done when Lori arrived, right on time. She went to the counter and came back with this:

Chocolate Bun

It’s a bun filled with chocolate, which she said that I absolutely had to try. I’m not usually a fan of bread + chocolate but this was really good. Soft bread encased rich chocolate. It was very, very hard not to distract her, then gobble it all up while she wasn’t looking. We had a wonderful talk, most of which ended up in my interview of her in Fully Booked’s Zine. In the middle of the interview (which was more chikahan than an actual interview, really), the owners send us–well, Lori– some macarons.

Holey Macaron-i! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

The macarons, most of which we divided then took home, were soft, delicately flavored and not too sweet, each of them a small, round reason to go back.

My interview with Lori is in this month’s Fully Booked Zine. Get it for free at any Fully Booked branch.

Paris Delice

1 Juno St. cor Makati Ave.





Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.

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