Moleskine Passions “Share the Loves of Your Life” Exhibition

I love Moleskines and I’ve always wanted to be part of an exhibit. Now, thanks to the awesome guys at Fully Booked, I have both. Thank you guys from Fully Booked! 😀

I was given a Moleskine Passions (Book) to fill with my favorite reads, websites, etc. I wrote about some of the books that I’m currently enjoying, as well well as some websites I frequent. I’m excited to see the whole ting unveiled, complete with other participants from the Philippines.

The media meet and greet is tomorrow, but I think the works will be on display after. It’s my first time to have something ‘creative’ that doesn’t involve works show to the public so please remember, I’m a writer, not an artist!

Moleskine unveils Moleskine Passions, a new thrilling collection of journals that celebrates passions as a way of life with a new inspiring exhibition: “share the loves of your life” with Moleskine Passions.

Over 150 specialists and celebrities in Asia will share the loves of their life and reveal their creativity through notes, drawing, clipping…The passions notebooks created by the participants are showcased in over 60 spots in 12 Asian cities.

Fully Booked brings part of the inspiring works to the audience in the Philippines. Artists and specialists from the Philippines have also been invited to share their passions on the new Moleskine notebooks.

You are cordially invited to flip through the passions shared by the specialists and celebrities all over Asia. Be inspired by their works, find your own passions, and record your own stories now.

Participants from the Philippines:
Pastry Chef Aileen A. Anastacio (Recipe), Aaron Palileo (Wine), Blooey Singson (Book), Chef Bruce Lim (Recipe), Elian Habayeb (Music), Ines Cabarrus (Wine), Jeannie E. Javelosa (Wellness), Johnny Alegre (Music), Lyle Sacris (Film), Waise Azimi (Film), Yvette Tan (Book), Agu Paiso (Wellness)


Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.

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