A Cultural Tour of Taal, Batangas Part 4 of 5

After a cultural tour of Taal townfor the Appetite and Carnation Family Food Trip, we checked into the beautiful Club Balai Isabel, where we got to try out their newest rooms, all of which face Taal Lake.

And then we had dinner, which consisted of Fish Fillet in Capsicum Sauce, where the fish was marinated in milk for two hours before cooking.

Lumpiang Ubod, fresh spring rolls with palm heart filling. Milk was used to make the wrapper.

Bistek Tagalog, Tagalog-style beefsteak with onions. And for dessert, Inipit, a Bulacan delicacy.

Then some of us partied,  but I retired to my lovely room where I watched the Discovery Channel until I fell asleep.

Tomorrow, I post about more food, namely breakfast and lunch.


Yvette Natalie U. Tan is a multi-awarded author of horror fiction and the Agriculture section editor of Manila Bulletin.

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