Lemoni Cafe, Boracay


I don’t go to Boracay very often but when I do, I make sure to stop by Lemoni Cafe, my favorite restaurant on the island. I only order two things: A cup of brewed coffee (Php75) and a Classic Lemon Tart (Php150). I love the tart because it’s quite sour, enough to make your lips pucker just a teeny bit. The dense lemon filling is enclosed by a sturdy crust with just enough flavor to balance the tartness without diluting its flavor.

I get my love for tart desserts from my mom, who I took to the Cafe during her first trip to Boracay. She was a bit skeptical at first, because aside from Earnest Bakes’ calamansi tart, she’s never tried a tart dessert that’s met her asim requirement. I ordered her a tart and a cup of coffee, then watched as she spooned a bit of pastry into her mouth.

It’s true what they say about a person’s face lighting up during a moment of pure joy, because that’s exactly what happened. She had been feeling down because of the heat but when she tasted that tart, a smile appeared in her eyes and the rest of the tart was gone in an instant.

We ended up dropping by once a day during the duration of our trip (and on one day, we went twice), always ordering the same thing. I tried another lemon-based dessert (I forget which) but it didn’t come close to the lovely tang offered by the Classic Lemon Tart. My mom asked about it after we got back, and was disappointed to learn that it can only be found in Boracay.

I may not be in Boracay a lot, but every time I’m there, I have a list of go-to restaurants, and Lemoni Cafe is right there at the very top.

Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant

D’mall Square, D’mall D’Boracay
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
(+63 36) 288 6781 to 288 6782 ; lemonicafe@yahoo.com.ph

Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

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