Manila Hotel and Sun Cruises’ Experience Corregidor

Battery Way in Corregidor

Battery Way in Corregidor

Corregidor Island has always carried a hint of mystery. Also called “The Rock”because of its terrain, the tadpole-shaped island takes its name from the Spanish word ‘corregir,’ which means ‘to correct.’ It was used as a customs area during the Spanish period, when all ships entering Manila Bay had to stop by the island to have their official papers ‘corrected.’

The island’s current fame comes from World War II, when its strategic location at the mouth of Manila Bay made it an excellent place to build fortifications. Corregidor, also called Fort Mills, played a big part in the liberation of the Philippines. The structures and weapons that the Americans built in WWII still stand today, a doorway to the past.

Now, you can visit The Rock in style as Manila Hotel and Sun Cruises launches Experience Corregidor, a package that combines history with luxury. Take a tour of the historic island, then relax overnight in Manila Hotel, where you can also take a peek into the MacArthur Suite, which Gen. Douglas MacArthur called home while he was in the Philippines.

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