H Cuisine

H Cuisine is located on Scout Rallos, one of the streets that branch off from Tomas Morato Ave. It is a small, cozy restaurant with large windows that provide the establishment with a lot of natural light. I wouldn’t have known about the place if not for a balikbayan friend from Canada who, when in Manila, lives in the area and has made the rounds of all the nearby restaurants.

A sign outside says that the house specialty is the Most Awesome Beef Belly, and that you must, must, must try it. The dish costs Php288 for the single serving, which comes with rice, and Php428 to share. The latter does not include rice, and according to the menu, is good for two to three people. Judging from experience though, it’s just right for two; three, if the third person is a vegetarian.

Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly is most awesome

The beef is slow cooked until fork tender, a beautiful alternation of beef and fat. The vegetables it comes with serve to cut through the beef’s rich flavor, or to feed the vegetarian the two people are with. We paired it with Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (Php68), which is a but subpar as far as mashed potatoes go, but does the job, adding to the beef’s comfort food factor. The beef comes with a demiglace gravy, but you don’t need it really, as the beef stands out on its own. My friend and I ended up pouring it on the mashed potatoes instead.

Fish Trafalgar on Linguine

We also tried another specialty, the Fish Trafalgar on Linguine (Php228), which is fish fillet served with pasta and truffle cream sauce. The pasta was delicious, enveloped in a¬†voluptuous sauce with a hint of truffle. Many people consider anything with truffles as cheating, because even just a hint of it instantly makes a dish delicious. I don’t disagree, but I don’t care, either. The fish is lovely, soft flesh covered in a golden crust.

H Cuisine’s menu has a lot of delicious-sounding dishes waiting to be tried. You can’t come into the restaurant hungry, though, as the menu expressly warns customers that everything is prepared upon order, and will take about 18 minutes to be served. If you’re not in a hurry, the food is well worth the wait.

H Cuisine

64 Sct. Rallos Cor. T. Morato, QC




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