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Mango Cocktails at Hyatt’s Lounge and Pool Bar


Quench your thirst with the juicy flavours of fresh sun-ripened mangoes. Throughout August, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila introduces a wide selection of non-alcoholic mango cocktails for everyone to enjoy.

Experience the fresh tropical taste of coconuts with “Mango Nuts”, a creamy virgin cocktail that combines the sweet taste of ripe mangoes with juicy pineapple, lime and luscious coconut cream. A frosty glass of “Mango Twister” is a delicious concoction of mangoes, strawberry juice and creamy yogurt, a luscious indulgence for the health-conscious. If you’re craving a drink that evokes the feel of the beach, try the “Tropical Mango”, a drink infused with the flavours of ripe mangoes, green mangoes and guava.

So just close your eyes and be tempted by the smooth, refreshing taste of these sun-ripened mango blends. The Mango cocktails are just some of the featured drinks available exclusively at The Lounge and The Pool Bar.

For enquiries, please call 247-8662 or 245-1234.

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