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Mentholatum: A little old lady’s best friend


Mentholated, and with many uses

Mentholatum has been around forever, but it’s only now that I’ve realized that it has other applications other than a chest rub or something to massage sore muscles with. Reading the box, I discovered that you can use it to soothe chapped skin and moisturize chapped lips. Of course, this caught my interest. I’ve always been a Vick girl but I could not resist Mentholatum’s promise of a product that multi-tasked.

So. I tried it as lip balm. It’s more mentholated than anything out there, but also less oily than, say, petroleum jelly. I liked the tingle it gave, but had to reapply more after a short while as my lips tend to dry out really fast. Am keeping the bottle, though. It still makes good chest rub.

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  1. Mary-Ann Lewis permalink
    30/10/2013 23:09

    Where can a person buy these products of Mentholatum? I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I am looking forward to finding out where you can buy this product.

    • 23/06/2014 10:03

      I asked someone to buy mine in Bangkok. Asian stores in Canada might carry them.

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